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Peter O'Hagan's Guide to the toughest holes at Luttrellstown Castle G&CC

There are many great holes on the Championship course at Luttrellstown Castle Golf & Country Club. I have chosen six holes that can either make or break your round. I will look at each hole from the Professionals’ standard and the 18+ handicap player.


Hole 1.

The 1st hole at Luttrellstown Castle G&CC is not particularly long but it sports a difficult green and a number of deep bunkers both off the tee and greenside.

Professional: 3 wood tee shot to avoid 3 deep fairway bunkers. The right ½ of the fairway opens the green more. Hit the correct level for putting. Big is dead!!

Amateur:    Right ½ of the fairway is best off the tee. If you can’t reach the green lay up short right. This will make the 3rd shot much easier. Avoid all bunkers!!

Hole 2.

The 3rd hole has trouble left (deep bunker) & right (gorse bushes) with a green sporting water from the front right all the way around the right side & back of the green.

Professional: 3wd/Driver to right ½ of the fairway. Keep the 2nd shot short of the flag. Right & big is wet. Water also sneaks in big left.

Amateur:    Straight forward drive avoiding the gorse on the right. Keeping your 2nd shot short left will give you a favourable bounce to the right. A putt for a par here is a good result!!

Hole 3.

The 5th hole is a long par 4 with water waiting on your second shot. A semi blind drive is protected by Out of Bounds on the left. The 2nd shot is over water with OB also waiting on the left.

Professional: A good 3 wood will catch a down slope for 30 yards run. The 2nd shot is a ½ club longer and must not go left. OB is waiting for anything turned left.

Amateur:    Straight forward drive. Avoid left as the rough feeds to OB. 2nd shot is long and has room on the right. If in doubt lay up short of the water. A putt for par can be a great result!!

Hole 4.

The 6th hole is a 200 yard par 3 with gorse on the left and a fall off area to the right. Short is a good option here but left is dead!!

Professional: The hole plays its full yardage. Left falls off into thick gorse and right falls off 10 feet below the green level. Middle of the green is a good result.

Amateur:     The green is a big target but if you are on your limit, 15 yards short can make the chip shot much easier. Once again a putt for a par is money in the bank!

Hole 5.

The 12th hole is a par 5 with a choice of two fairways off the tee. The tee shot is over trees and water with a scattering of deep fairway bunkers. The 2nd shot has water all down the right side with the fairway sloping into the water and 2 deep bunkers guarding the left side. The green slopes from left to right with water all around the right side.

Professional: Drive on the left fairway opens the 2nd shot & is reachable.  The lay-up should be to a maximum of 90 yards as the water & bunkers close in. The green slopes from left to right.

Amateur:      Hit the tee shot to where you can see it. Keep the 2nd shot on the left and keep your approach left of the flag. A simple par 5 if played sensibly or a par 8 if not!!

Hole 6.

The 18th hole is a great par 5 finishing hole. The tee shot is straight forward but the lay up is very tight with large chestnut trees on guard. Going for the green in two is an option but it is a full carry over water. The green slopes from back to front with a run off into the water.

Professional: The perfect drive is a power fade to the right ½ of the fairway. A straight drive will run into trees. The green is reachable but it is all carry over water. Choose your lay up with care to avoid playing your 3rd  from a sharp down slope. Be up!!!

Amateur:      The tee shot is better down the left ½ of the fairway. This will make it easier for your 2nd shot to avoid the trees. Your 3rd shot is over water so be up!!! A par here is great. Many cards have been sunk here.

If all else fails the bar awaits!!

Peter O'Hagan PGA Professional runs his PGA Golf Academy at Luttrellstown Golf Course.







""Luttrellstown offers the best of all worlds. It has an idyllic setting, fairy tale castle, stately park, majestic trees, an air of tranquil retreat and a sense of escape that all golfers relish."

Donald Steel
Golf Course Architect